Who are FutureDJs?

FutureDJs has been remixing music education in schools around the UK since 2015, writing books about ‘How to DJ’, creating digital resources for teachers to deliver modern music lessons and setting the standard for DJ-ing with the world’s first graded DJ exams in partnership with the University of West London and regulated by Ofqual. All their tutors have experience teaching in schools and are qualified to degree level at a minimum.

Are there any requirements to sign up?

Eligible students must be UK residents, aged between 12 and 18 and identify as female, trans or non-binary.

Do I need any prior experience?

No – just an interest in music or presenting.

Do I need any special equipment to join the course?

All you need is access to the internet and a computer/smartphone/tablet. We recommend a pair of headphones, but this isn’t essential.

I don’t have a pair of decks. What about the DJ-ing course?

Don’t worry. Many people start to learn about DJ-ing before they purchase decks. Think of the DJ course as a starter. It may help you to decide whether you want to invest in decks.

What is the sign up process?

There are two ways to get involved. Teachers can nominate up to two students from their school by filling a short application form. Start this by clicking the ‘Nominate your students’ button. Once you have entered your details you will receive an email asking you to submit a maximum of two students from your school for the programme along with a short questionnaire. Once this is submitted, students will receive an email inviting them to sign up and join the course.

Students can also enrol themselves using the ‘Sign up’ button, but will still need to provide a teacher’s contact details to confirm they are students.

I am a student. How do I sign up?

Students can sign up themselves. Start this by clicking the ‘Sign up’ button. This will take you to a short form where you can tell us why you want to join the course. You’ll need to include your school’s details so that we can verify you are a student. Be sure to inform your teacher so that they can look out for an email from us confirming your eligibility.

What is a Soundtrap license and how do we get one?

Soundtrap is an online Digital Audio Workstation. DAWs are a type of software that producers use to create music. Once the production course is released online, all students will be sent an email inviting them to create an account on Soundtrap for free.

How does the course work?

Future1000 is a 12-part video-on-demand course running from May to December 2021. Every fortnight, we will release one lesson, which students will have the option to watch when they please. With each lesson will also be a handout.

What are the live sessions?

Once a month, BBC Radio 1 DJ JAGUAR will conduct a live session, live-streamed from our virtual stage. These sessions focus on the most recent video lessons which have been released. Students can sign up on a first-come-first-serve basis and will have the chance to watch, learn from and meet Jaguar and other industry guests.

Do I have to complete the lessons each fortnight?

You can complete the course at your own speed, as the course videos are on-demand. You have until the end of 2021 to finish watching the course.

What are the outcomes of this course?

At the end of our course, students will have a strong foundation of DJing, music producing, presenting and navigating the music industry. Our lessons are in line with our LCME accredited courses. As well as this, students will have the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, industry professionals and gain real industry opportunities.

Where do I head to If I am stuck?

Head over to our chatbot on the bottom right of the page on the course website. If your answers haven’t been answered here, we’ll get back to your enquiry there.

Why do students need to submit a personal email?

Often, students’ school email addresses bounce back emails, due to internal safeguarding measures. This means we need an email address that is personal. Students may wish to submit parent’s emails instead, or create a new account if they wish to do so.

What happens to these student’s personal emails?

Students' personal emails will be used to invite the student to their course. We do not store this email address on our website or use it for marketing.

What are the benefits of this course?

Download our information pack to see the outcomes and benefits of the course.

Parents/guardians: how do I see how my child is getting on?

For all parents/guardians that input their email/consent to, we will send course-wide updates, including opportunities, at key moments throughout the course.

Teachers: how does the application process work?

Please register your interest above. Once registered, we will ask you to nominate a maximum of two female, trans or non-binary students from your school (aged 12-18) who you feel would be most suitable, a short explanation to support their application and responses to a short questionnaire.

Teachers: how does parental permission work?

It is teachers’ responsibility to ensure that, if needed, parental permission is obtained. You can download our template parent permission slip if you wish.

Teachers: how will we know how our student is doing?

We welcome teachers’ collaboration and support. We will send teachers updates on student progress and any reminders if students have not made progress on their course.

Teachers: how can we get involved more in this project?

Share the message. We would love pupils from as many schools as possible to get involved, so please do share Future1000 with neighbouring schools and colleagues.

Teachers: I am interested in DJing lessons in my school, and/or would like to know more about FutureDJs.

Find out about how we are remixing music education by heading to our website here: https://futuredjs.org/