Free course introducing 1000 female, trans and non-binary students into electronic music

Hosted by Jaguar, BBC Radio 1 DJ and presenter, the Future1000 is a free programme to introduce 1000 female, trans and non-binary students into electronic music by 2022.

This initiative is an inclusive space for students of all backgrounds, structured around modules on DJ-ing, music production, presenting and industry skills, giving students the support they need to start their journeys into music.

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What is the Future1000 programme?

You can join the programme throughout 2021, but the sooner you sign up the more you can benefit from the course.

Students who are enrolled take part receive:

  • 12-part video course on DJ-ing, music production, radio presenting and mentorship, hosted by Jaguar.
  • Opportunity to take part in nine live virtual events hosted by Jaguar and special guests including Jayda G, Jyoty, Taahliah and more, hosted throughout 2021.
  • 1-year license of Soundtrap (the cloud-based audio and music production software).
  • Mentorship from industry network The Cat’s Mother and 1000 hours of studio access pledged by Pirate Studios.
  • The chance to win an opening slot at a Ministry of Sound event.

Who can join?

This programme is open to all UK students aged 12-18 who identify as female, trans or non-binary. There are two ways you can join.

  1. Teachers can nominate any students from their school by filling a short application form. Start this by clicking the ‘Nominate your students’ button.
  2. Students can sign up themselves. Start this by clicking the ‘Sign up’ button. You’ll need to include your school’s details so that we can verify you are a student.

In order to get mentorship with The Cat’s Mother, students should visit their website and fill in the application form, adding Future1000 as a reference. Enrolled students can also access free time in Pirate Studios across the UK by emailing [email protected].

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What the experts say

Annie Mac
“I love the idea of this initiative starting from school level. So if this is you and or you know a school age female, trans and non-binary music lover - please come forward and get involved!”

Badly Drawn DJs
“Big shout to Jaguar’s Future1000 initiative thats help paving the way for the next generation of women, trans and non-binary people in electronic music”

What the experts say

The Blessed Madonna
“Representation isn't a cure all for what ails dance music, but it is an essential step to making a way for generations of women and non-binary artists who will not for a second look at a turntable and ask if they're supposed to touch it or not.”

Annabel Ross
“The unstoppable force that is Jaguar”

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